Friday, December 28, 2012

FUEL : Bacon overload! Bacon beef and brussels sprouts

Just kidding! No such thing!
So, as we drove home from the gym, Coach T and i picked up some bacon and assorted meats on the way home. My price point for meat is 2.50/lb or 5.29/kg, and there were beautiful fatty cuts of beef and pork at No Frills today, so we stocked up.
But really, we came for the bacon.
I guess i have to back up. We are back in the gym, back to stricter paleo now that Christmas is over, and as a temptation, Coach took me out for lunch with four of our younguns after swimming the other day, to Carl's Jr.
Being that we live in Canada, we'd never experienced this, but i was able to eat out with no guilt by ordering the Low Carb burger, which came wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun, and not ordering fries!
I'd heard of this, and done it a couple of times, but i guess buying it in a fast food place made it seem like more of "a thing" instead of an emergency measure until i find a better method.
And thus we dined on BLTs, with bread for the children, homemade mayo, and double bacon for the adults.
The resulting two cookie sheets of bacon fat (we made bacon weave patties and always cook bacon in the oven both to get a whole lot cooked at once, and for easier clean up) sat there, taunting Coach T.
Until he started preparing dinner! He poured that bacon fat over our roast beef and seared it all over, then cooked on low until dinner. It was so delicious!
As a side dish, he boiled brussels sprouts until tender, then sauteed them with bacon and garlic (using my new microplane!), and added a little butter. So delicious. Even our white carbs only teen ate them!


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